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Male Infertility

I have just discovered a really good website on all aspects of male fertility and men’s health at

It is estimated that about 1 in 8 couples in Australia will have troubles conceiving and are considered to be infertile. About one in five infertile couples the problem lies with the male partner and male infertility is the underlying reason for 40% of couples using assisted reproduction technologies such as IVF.

So what is male infertility? Quite simply it is when a man’s ejaculated semen does not contain sufficient numbers of normal, functional sperm to travel and fertilise the female egg.

When a man is diagnosed as being infertile, it can be devastating news but fortunately the majority will still have children. It is important for men to realise that the diagnosis is not related to their masculinity. There are so many things that affect sperm health such as smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs, sexually transmitted infections, tight-fitting underwear, spas and saunas, work environments, lubricants, excessive exercise, medications, injuries, illness, age, blockages, sperm antibodies, diet and nutritional deficiencies. Sometimes sexual problems such as erection or ejaculation issues can prevent couples from falling pregnant. Again this can affect a man’s self esteem but usually there is a physical or stress-related cause. Check out the Andrology Australia website for more information.

My approach to treating male infertility is with nutritional supplements and a homeopathic remedy. There are so many studies showing that nutritional supplements increase sperm count and health. A research trial of 45 infertile men showed that homeopathy significantly improved both the number and the quality of sperm. Homeopathy can also assist with any erection or ejaculation problems. Homeopathic remedies need to be individually prescribed by a registered homeopath. If you live outside the Brisbane area, you can find a registered homeopath on the Australian Homoeopathic Association’s website at