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Kids Health

I work with hundreds of families who love the ease and effectiveness of homeopathic medicine for their kids.

There are no bitter, yukky herbal formulations here! Dispensed in easy to take pills or drops that work a treat.

As a registered homeopath, qualified breastfeeding counsellor and mother of three, I love working with kids and can help with a whole range of health issues such as recurrent ear infections, recurrent illnesses, colds, flu, reflux, teething, digestive issues, behavioural problems and anxiety just to name a few.

My approach can be used alongside conventional medication and I regularly refer to other therapists and medical practitioners to ensure your child receives the best possible care.

Consultations for children

Just book in for an “initial child consultation” for any chronic health issues OR a “short consultation” if your child has come down with an acute illness like a cold or teething pain. We can then do an online consultation via Skype while your child is comfortable in their own environment.